Making Memories!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The older I get the more I LOVE TO CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY! I mean...yeah the gray hairs are making an appearance ...and if I want to hang out later than midnight I have to take an afternoon nap but other than that I am confident and secure about being in my very early forties!

This year I decided to celebrate my birthday by throwing a food and wine event at one of my favorite places...... the local winery in our area. So I invited some close friends  to help me celebrate another year and I must say it was one of my best birthdays by far.

Let's face it these days most birthday wishes come in the form of an impersonal text or Facebook post and I am guilty of sending a few of those myself. But I have to say nothing replaces getting together and sharing good drinks, food and company while making some awesome memories. Receiving real hugs and kisses while hearing real laughter can not and should not be replaced with emoticons! We should grab every opportunity to make good memories, not the ones that get deleted but the ones that stay with us forever.

So I don't know about you.... but I am going to continue to plan and attend as many formal and informal get togethers with the people that are closest to me and I really don't need a reason on the calendar.

Memory making is enough of a reason! 


What this summer taught me

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tuesday will be the end of my summer vacation as I go back to work after 2 months of freedom from routines, schedules and lesson plans. This summer has been exactly what I needed after a very challenging school year, it was the perfect combination of relaxation and recreation.  

As a teacher, I am a true believer that we should always be exploring new experiences to stimulate our personal growth. So I allowed the summer to be my teacher and let it use my own experiences to educate me. I won't bore you with the actual situations, observations and conversations that lead me to my summer education but what I will give you are the outcomes.

1.  My resilience is what helps me to embrace all that I am grateful for in my life; even when I am faced with the most stressful situations.
2. My determination drives my success.
3. Afternoon naps aren't just for growing children they are also good for women in their 40s.  
4. The lessons that I have learned from my failures are proof that I haven't completely failed!
5. I will never be too old to look or at least feel sexy!
6. Fear can be my enemy or it can be the motivating force that makes me an unstoppable being! 
7. The best way for me to be a motivation to others is to lead by example.
8. I am a stronger and more flexible than I look. (Thank you Pilates Classes)
9. Whenever self-doubt creeps in I can always count on my hubby's reality check pep talks to put me back of the road to keeping it all in perspective!
10. I have an addiction to handbags and I am finally embracing it.
11. It's not just a saying ....the best things in life ARE truly free.
12. Listen more. Talk Less. Not everyone wants or needs my advice.
13. Freezing fruit to make breakfast smoothies are not only yummy they are a good way to maintain a healthy diet.
14. Making others happy makes me just as happy as they are.
15. I have a new addiction to wedge heels and I am starting to embrace it. 
16. I have a serious problem with telling others ...NO! But I am working on that.
17. My vision, passion or dream doesn't need the approval of others so I will stop seeking it.
18. My bedtime is really 10:00PM and I need to stop fighting it especially when I can never sleep past 6:30AM. 
19. As much as I try to fight against's time for me to embrace that it is my "job" to keep everyone on time in my house or else we would be late to EVERYTHING.
20. Sometimes a glass (or two) of wine can make it all better. Trust!