I Had the Time of My Life!

Friday, September 23, 2011

So today is the first day of fall and if I had to choose one word to describe Summer 2011 it would be..... AMAZING! Let's see where should I begin?

Well, I planted my very first flower garden. It was suppose to be a vegetable garden but it didn't quite work out that way. I enjoyed taking care of it though.

I hosted my first GDO( Girl's Day Out). My bff and I invited few phenomenal women to have a day out with the kids or men. As we talked, laughed, ate and drank I couldn't help but think about how diverse the every day lives of these women were. Married, divorced, single, separated and dating. The ages ranged from 20 something to almost 60 and each one of us had something in common. The conversations were fun, candid and enlightening. We are already planning our next Girl's get-together! Stay tuned!

Then it was the debut of my week girls summer camp! I Love Me! Summer Workshop for girls. It was an amazing week! Not only did the girls learn how to trust and believe in their dreams this week.... so did I! By the end of the week the girls had shared their feelings, recognized their strengths and weaknesses and learned that the way they feel about themselves is more important than how others feel about them. They bonded with each other in ways I couldn't even imagine and they made life-long friends.

Since it was the Summer of Us...meaning us girls of course! I wanted to also make sure that I made plans with women that I don't usually spend time with. You know when you say "we really have to get together" or "let's meet for lunch sometime". Well, I actually took them up on their offer and made it happen. So through coffee dates, lunch dates and plain ole hangout on the patio with margaritas dates I got to know some fabulous women even better!

Then it was the cruise. WOW! If you have never been on a cruise let me tell you it was the best experience. My family and I went on a 7 day cruise to the southern Caribbean. Our vacation started with flying to Puerto Rico where we spent one night.

The next morning we headed to the port to board the Carnival Victory and with the threat of hurricane Irene coming to PR our boat left early leaving close to 300 people. But it was all good because Carnival flew them all to Barbados, our first stop, to meet us there.

Here is a picture walk through our unforgettable vacation!

Beautiful Barbados! I am a little bias since this is where my family is from and I got to spend the day visiting them!

St. Kitts

St. Thomas

St. Lucia

Back to Puerto Rico for 3 more days of paradise!

So all and all Summer 2011 was extraordinary!!! Now it's back to reality. Work. Lesson plans. PTA meetings. *sigh* Well, at least we have the holidays to look forward to and then in 9 short months we will be saying hello to Summer 2012. So thanks for the memories Summer 2011. I had the time of my life!


ciara f. on September 23, 2011 at 11:57 PM said...

Man do I miss summer!

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious on September 26, 2011 at 10:06 AM said...

Can I go back to summer for just a little bit?! I mean, I like the first few weeks of fall, but it's all gonna go downhill from here. Just saying....

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