Endless Possibilities

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn". Ralph Waldo Emerson
Life is full of endless possibilities, isn't it?

This past weekend my daughter and I were having a talk about the career choices that she might be interested in pursuing. She is a sophomore in high school and still very undecided but that is perfectly normal. After listening to her list of choices (and they all were really good choices) I started thinking about how great it is that she has the ability and so many opportunities to be anything she wants to be. The world as they say....is her oyster!

One of the reasons we moved our family from the city to the suburbs was to give our girls more opportunities to achieve their dreams. Not that I have anything against raising children in the city....many a rose have grown out of concrete! Hey, I am a rose that was grown out of concrete!!! But we wanted to give them as many options as we could. Although she is still young I am so grateful that she is taking advantage of all life has to offer she is excelling both academically and socially. Exactly what we prayed for.

Even at my age it still excites me to know that there is always more to learn, achieve and conquer. I am more motivated and empowered at this time of my life than I have ever been and after reading some of your New Year's Resolutions posts I know many of you are also feeling this way. So whether it's going back to school, starting your own business, changing careers or expanding your side hustle just remember that the opportunities are endless and I am rooting for your success!


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