How do you define yourself?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Let's face it...some of us define who we are by our relationships, children or jobs because it gives us a sense of validation. Although, I love being a wife, mommy and educator if you unravel all the layers of me you will find that I can not be defined by one title, one role, one word....I am complex.

Ultimately, what really defines who we are is the way we feel about ourselves. Our self-concept is the most important opinion. Some days I feel like a success, others a failure because there is still so much more that I want to do with my life and haven't.....yet. I also tend to dwell on decisions I made in the past and often wonder did if I made the best choices. It is so true when they say that we are our own worst critic.

The truth is my visible roles do not who I am. It's the woman that I am when I am alone with God that defines the real me. This is where I am truly at my best. This is where I am the most happiest. This is where I learn to rejoice both my successes and failures because there are lessons to be learned in both. This is where I learn to forgive myself and let go of my past. This is where I learn to love myself unconditionally just as He loves me. So how do I define myself.....I am a child of God.

How do you define yourself?


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