#1 Cleaning My Closet and #10 Meet Friends for Lunch

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yesterday morning I started the dreaded task of cleaning and organizing my closet (#1 clean and organize my closet off of my spring to-do list). I woke up at 9:00 had a cup of coffee and got right to it. First I started with taking out all of the shoes and handbags from the bottom of my closet so I can actually walk in and assess the situation. Really, what is the purpose of having a walk-in closet when you can't walk into it? Then, I decided what items needed to go and what needed to stay. Since I lost weight last year I am now wearing a size 8. However, I still have clothes in my closet ranging from sizes 10 to 16. What am I holding on to those clothes for? Can it be that secretly I am not confident enough in my ability to maintain my new weight? Well, if that is the case I am giving them away because I believe in the power of positive thinking. (however, I still kept my size 10's just.in.case!)

I did manage to take a break from the major construction to meet two of my co-workers for a nice sushi lunch. (#10 meet friends for brunch; okay so it was lunch but it still counts). It was good to get together with colleagues outside of work and get to know each other as women and not just teachers!

After lunch I went home and went right back to work...I was determined to finish the closet and by 6:00PM I was done. whew! I put away all my winter clothes (spring is here to stay, right?) and I now have two big garbage bags of clothes to donate. My closet is organized and I enjoyed a delicious lunch with two amazing women! Two things off of my Spring To-Do List!!!! All in all it was a very productive day!


Alicia@ Mommy Delicious on April 20, 2011 at 1:58 AM said...

Spring cleaning is the best feeling ever! And you gotta love lunch with gals.

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