#3 Double Dating

Monday, April 18, 2011

Yesterday my hubby and I went with my bff and her hubby to a Dummies Guide to Wine Tasting class at a winery and vineyard in Pennsylvania. (#3 Double Dating) off my Spring to-do list)

It was fabulous! Since my bff and I think we are wine connoisseurs it was great to learn some new things about wine. The vineyard was quaint and elegant. We sat at a large marble table with about 20 other people and tasted 13 different wines ranging from Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon while eating cheese to cleanse our palates.

If you like wine you might appreciate some of these tips we learned during our wine tasting class.

1. wine actually spoils after only being exposed to air for 3 hours.
2. invest in a vacuvin wine saver it vacuums the air out of wine bottles to prevent the wine from getting stale. (don't pay more than $15 for one)
3. red wine should be removed from refrigerator at least 15 minutes prior to drinking.
4. Never buy wine over 14% alcohol content (those are the ones that give you headaches and that feeling in the morning)
5.Riesling is the best wine to drink with spicy foods it enhances the favor!
6.Wine is meant to be enjoyed so savor the favor take sips not gulps!

After the class the four of us took a tour around the vineyard, holding hands,taking pictures and enjoying the spring weather. There was something very romantic about it all. Maybe it was the scenery, maybe it was the wine. Either way it was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends and a perfect way to begin my spring break!


Kerissa on April 18, 2011 at 10:35 AM said...

Happy Spring Break. I love sipping wine on a Saturday night when I'm off mommie duty with a loaf of fresh hot bread from Publix and slathered in butter. Of course, when I'm dining with the girls we nab a bottle to enhance our food experience.

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